Cute ‘em up

Production time: 6 weeks, 50%

Team size: 14

Engine: TGA2D

This was our first group project made in C++, in the Tga2D engine. When we started the project we ended up creating the base with some tools I had made, such as a functional gameobject component system. Using the component system made the development process feel a lot smoother as it automates a lot of tedious processes that would otherwise take up extra time and clutter the code. Since the project was built upon my system, I had very good communication with all my teammates to make sure everything got integrated together. During this project I ended up spending most of my time continuing to develop new components.

System Contributions:

-Spritesheet animations

-UI Layout group

-UI Slider

-State machine

-Scene manager

Gameplay Contributions:

-Player movement

-Weapon switching

-Unlocking new weapons

-Enemy pickups

-Bullet impact & enemy explosions

-Sound effects implementation